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Low-cost alternative to full affiliate program management


We’ll identify and invite the top 25 publishers in your sector – making sure you’re working with the right partners on your program.

Weekly Newsletters

We’ll help keep your affiliates informed of new promotions with a scheduled weekly newsletter sent on your behalf.

Promotion Distribution

If you’re issuing voucher codes or deals, we’ll distribute these to appropriate publishers to amplify your reach.

Email Support

Our central email support desk helps you keep in touch with when you need us.

2 x Exclusive Codes

We’ll help place and promote up to 2 exclusive voucher codes per month with one of your existing partners on the program.

Monthly Snapshot

Every month we’ll send you an update on the statistics of your affiliate program, and any additional recommendations to help grow the program.

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ThoughtMixGo is designed for small programs and provides essential support for the affiliate program. For our full service, visit our affiliate management package. 

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