Advertiser Management

ThoughtMixAdvertiser Management

Advertiser Management

ThoughtMix Switch helps publishers manage their advertiser relationships and promotions.

Switch works for all

ThoughtMix is great for closed user groups, voucher & cashback sites, reward sites, bloggers and content sites, social media pages, shopping directories and technology providers.

Focus on you

Building relationships can be difficult and can distract you from the site content, ThoughtMix does this for you.

Why ThoughtMix?

ThoughtMix has an extensive list of techniques to enhance publisher performance. For more information please get in touch and we can put you through to one of our experienced team members.

Ready to enhance your advertiser relationships?

What we do

Access New Advertisers

Increase your content production by adding new, exciting advertisers to your promotions, increasing engagement and commissions.

Constant Engagement

Build better partnerships with your advertisers by having a dedicated team to engage and develop your relationships.

Increase Profitability

Scale up your offering without increasing cost. ThoughtMix Switch offers the flexibility to work with unlimited advertisers without increasing cost.

Exclusive Propositions

We’ll negotiate exclusive commission rates and voucher codes to entice your audience to convert.

Media Presentations

We’ll create your media deck, and help formulate your commercials to maximise the advertisers you appeal to.

Competitor Monitoring

We’ll monitor your competitors to make sure you’re always offering the best promotion to your audience.

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