Affiliate Management- SME

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Affiliate Management – SME

A cost-effective solution for small businesses

Significant Growth

On average, our clients grow 230% with our effective affiliate management compared to managing it in house.

Controlled Costs

From our fixed-fee services to managing the costs of commission, we can control the overall cost against budget.

Why ThoughtMix?

Cost efficient high-quality service to suit your business and objectives. This package provides you with the building blocks to a successful affiliate campaign.

Imagine the opportunity your program has

Claim your free affiliate program review today and discover the opportunity your program has to grow.

What we do


We’ll identify and invite the top 25 publishers in your sector – making sure you’re working with the right partners on your program.

Weekly Newsletters

We’ll help keep your affiliates informed of new promotions with a scheduled weekly newsletter sent on your behalf.

Promotion Distribution

If you’re issuing voucher codes or deals, we’ll distribute these to appropriate publishers to amplify your reach.

Partner Management

Your account manager will work with all of your partners to plan, implement and execute campaigns.

Cost Reduction

By Leveraging our partnerships with network and your affiliates, we can negotiate lower rates, increasing the value of the channel, and lowering the overall cost.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Your account manager will check in each week with an update, plus a full report each month, so you’re always up-to-date with performance.

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